What can Worldwide Financial Planning do to help and support the public during the Covid-19 national lockdown?

Worldwide has spoken with experts in three different fields for their expertises on how to look after ourselves and our families during the current lockdown. The areas we have concentrated on are:


·         Within the ‘Eating Well During Lockdown’ page we have provided recipes of dishes you and your family can make during lockdown, food information on helping your mental state stay positive and what foods are good for mental health, amongst others.

·         Within the ‘Mental Wellbeing’ page we have obtained helpful information from trained professionals on guidance and advice with how to mentally cope with the lockdown and on how to manage your thoughts, amongst other times.

·         Within the ‘Excersise’ page we have gathered a range of activities you and your household can do during lockdown to keep you mentally busy, items to read to keep you informed on the current state of things, amongst others.

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